Care guide

Nathalie Vleeschouwer strives for beautiful, comfortable designs. It is therefore logical that the garments are popular and worn a lot and are therefore often washed. That is why we would like to remind you to treat your beloved pieces with a lot of love when washing, so that you can enjoy them even longer.

Here are some washing tips that are kind to your favorite pieces:

  • Always consult the washing instructions on the inside of your garment and respect them, they are there for a reason.
  • Do not use fabric softener and use wool detergent for wool and delicate fabrics.
  • Moderate the amount of detergent, half the recommended amount is usually more than sufficient. A better water-soap ratio allows the soap to dissolve better and your clothes will therefore be even cleaner!
  • Use a wool wash program if an item is not really dirty, but simply needs to be freshened up.
  • You should not only use a wool washing program for woolen items, but also for all knitted clothing.
  • Avoid the dryer. Many shrinkage accidents are avoided in this way and clothing also wears out less quickly when it dries in the air.
  • A separate laundry bag provides extra protection against friction (from other fabrics, zippers and buttons).
  • Viscose is also a natural fiber, but more delicate than cotton. We recommend washing viscose at a maximum of 30°c. Almost all viscose also benefits from ironing: the fiber shrinks when washed, but ironing relaxes the fiber and returns it to its normal length.
  • Never let knitwear hang to dry, but lay flat so that it cannot stretch.
  • Lint comes and goes (if you take good care of it): they are often a natural result of friction in natural fabrics such as wool and viscose. You can remove them with a lint comb or clipper, but never use scissors.