Ghent shopping tour with Isolde Lasoen

In recent years, Isolde Lasoen found her way to our store in Ghent for her stage outfits. As a permanent drummer with DAAN, numerous other projects and frontwoman of her own band, she is one of the most active musicians in Belgium and the spotlight is often focused on her. “I now wear almost nothing else than Nathalie Vleeschouwer, both on and off stage. In every collection I find pieces with the right dose of rock 'n roll. It should be a bit more special on stage, but I also want to remain true to my own style and as a drummer I must have sufficient freedom of movement. I think the combination with more modest pieces is ideal. I can also use the more sober pieces off stage, because I am on the road a lot and then the practical side is also very important.”

She is originally from Maldegem, but Ghent is Isolde's home town. When she passes our store, she often stops at some other addresses in the area.

She likes to share her favorite addresses with us, all within walking distance of the Nathalie Vleeschouwer store.

So keep this list at hand the next time you come to Ghent and are looking for inspiration to fill your shopping day!

Nathalie Vleeschouwer Ghent

Onderbergen 17

Take Five

Voldersstraat 10

One of the first coffee bars in Ghent and, according to Isolde, also the most authentic. “Take five did not arise from a hype, it is just a great lively place with really tasty coffees and a delicious piece of cake for those who like it.” In addition to coffee, Isolde also shares her love for jazz with the coffee bar that took its name from the famous jazz song by Dave Brubeck Quartet. The terrace on the sidewalk is wonderful to watch the strolling shoppers, but inside you can always enjoy a good playlist that's on. When Isolde is in Ghent with her husband, they always go there for coffee. Even if she wants to meet up with friends, Take Five is often the starting point.


Klein Turkije 20

The address for skincare. Isolde uses the products with great conviction because they focus on only active ingredients to achieve a very pure product and with a focus on sustainability. The products are biodegradable, the packaging is often reusable and always environmentally friendly. Founder Hilde Neys is a pharmacist from Ghent and all products are also made in Ghent. The sober aesthetic of the brand also appeals to Isolde.

elisa lee

Hoogpoort 33

As loyal as Isolde is to Nathalie Vleeschouwer for her clothes, she is as loyal to Elisa Lee for her jewelry. Here too, she falls for the sober aesthetic with pure lines, with still enough room for originality and personality. This way you can put together your own ring with colors and stones of your own choice. In Isolde's jewelry box you will find timeless silver pieces from the collection as well as some engraved pieces with a personal touch. The store is bathed in light, with a large table where you can make extensive adjustments or discuss your ideas with the Elisa Lee team, which really focuses on a personal approach.

Edel Rot

Belfortstraat 6

Have lunch or end the day with a delicious aperitif at Edel Rot. This address focuses on natural wines, wild beers and artisanal/homemade drinks. No alcohol for you? No problem! Our pregnant colleague Suzan who accompanied Isolde drank the tastiest aperol spritz without alcohol! Thanks to their good product knowledge, they manage to offer delicious plates full of flavor with your drinks. The menu offers enough options to make a whole meal out of it. Isolde and the owners also share a passion for music. You can rely on a good playlist and they also organize 'Edel Rot danst' every year in the Vooruit.